Official #whilewewatch film poster

Official #whilewewatch film poster

Thursday, January 19, 2012

#whilewewatch at OccupySundance Ciscero's on Main in Park City!

#whilewewatch will be presented by OccupySundance on Main St at Ciscero's at 4pm in Park City this Saturday Jan. 21st, 2012.  After the film there will be a Q & A / Livestream from NYC with Director Kevin Breslin and members of Occupy Wall St Media. Join us in Park City! 

Livestream below at 6:30PM EST

Live event at Cisero's Ristorante and Good Times Bar
Saturday Jan 21st 4pm - 6pm MST- 
306 Main Street
Park City, Utah 84060
Restaurant: (435) 649-5044
No submission fees. No awards. Just movies.

From OccupySundance .com-
Occupy Sundance has absolutely no interest in disrupting the festival, rather we intend to augment and celebrate it.  The fact is, Sundance can't possibly screen 11,000+ films...But here's where we can.

Filmmakers, bring your completed films on DVD (min of 10 copies recommended) for the portable DVD players provided to the patrons of Cisero's Ristorante & Good Times Bar.  We are going to draw up a "menu" of films customers can chose from and voila, the media hungry industry insiders, festival goers, fello filmmakers and excited locals can satiate their film appetites while you the filmmaker gets to have your film seen...And just possibly by someone who can make a difference for you.

There will also be an opportunity for audiences to view your film on the large in-house projection screen. 
Cisero's Ristorante
306 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

More info at   

Occupy Sundance proudly presents #whilewewatch - 
The 1st #OccupyWallSt documentary!

Directed by Kevin Breslin -Produced by 8docos

#OccupyWallSt - The people - The media - The movement.
Editor Garrett Sergeant joins Cisero's LIVE!
Director Kevin Breslin and The Cast of #whilewewatch join on Livestream - 
LIVE from NYC 

Streaming from 

#whilewewatch is the gripping portrait of the #OccupyWallSt media revolution. 
Citizens came together at Zuccotti Park with energy, intelligence and guts to impassion their message, 
"We are the 99%." 

#whilewewatch discovers the #OWS media team who had no fear of a critical city government,  big corporations, hostile police, or a lagging main stream 
media to tell their story. 

Through rain, snow, grueling days, sleeping on concrete; 
they pumped out exhilarating ideas to the world. 
Fueled with little money, they relied on the power of Twitter, 
texting, Wi-Fi, posters, Tumblr, live streams, YouTube, Facebook, 
dramatic marches, drumbeats and chants. 

We witness a new dawn with the power of social media. 

Directed by Kevin Breslin @KevinBreslin
Produced by 8com 
Edited by Garrett Sergeant
Associate Producer - Karen A. Brown @mediagirl333 
Articles - Blogs Links - #WhileWeWatch - Blog Spot

Press Contact - Karen at

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