Official #whilewewatch film poster

Official #whilewewatch film poster

Sunday, September 16, 2012

#whilewewatch Part II - Occupy Wall Street Marches On

#whilewewatch Part II - Occupy Wall Street Marches On

Part I of #whilewewatch recorded the events that started on September 17, 2011 but since the movement continues, so does the documentary. As the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street nears, the grievances of the occupiers continue to go unanswered. We are looking to conduct follow-up interviews with OWS activists Priscilla Grim, Jesse LaGreca, Tim Pool, and Justin Wedes as well as interview prominent members of the community such as Cornel West, Tom Morello, Tom Brokaw, Pete Hamill, and Ben Cohen.

To do this, we need YOUR help to cover traveling costs, film equipment, crew, eight weeks of editing, legal expenses, music rights, social media, and mainstream media file footage. We have been be filming in New York up until the movement’s one year anniversary.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

#whilewewatch this week on LinkTV

How has #OWS revolutionized media? Check out #whilewewatch on @LinkTV this and next week: #OccupyMedia


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012




A gripping portrait of the “Occupy Wall Street” media revolution, #whilewewatch is the first definitive film to emerge from Zuccotti Park – with full access and cooperation from masterminds who made #OccupyWallStreet a reality.    

The #OccupyWallStreet media team had no fear of a critical city government, big corporations, hostile police, or a lagging mainstream media to tell their story.  Through rain, snow, grueling days, sleeping on concrete; they pump out exhilarating ideas to the world.  Fueled with little money, they rely on the power of Twitter, texting, Wi-Fi, posters, Tumblr, live streams, YouTube, Facebook, dramatic marches, drumbeats and chants. As the film unfolds, we witness a new dawn with the power of social media.

Film Credits
Ben Cohen
Bill Dobbs
Bob Broadhurst
Brendan Burke
Chris Cobb
Det. Jeff Thompson NYPD
Haywood Carey
Hero Vincent
Ian Bishop
Jesse LaGreca
Justin Wedes
Karen Kramer
Kaylee Dedrick
Ken Sunshine
Lex Rendon
Lorenzo Serna
Patrick Bruner
Dep. Commissioner Paul J Browne NYPD
Pete Dutro
Priscilla Grim
Rolando Scott Jr.- Pres. CWA 1109
Robert Grodt
Ryan Hoffman
Sam Alcoff
Shane Engler
Tim Pool
Thomas Majeski
Zuccotti Park

Kevin Breslin

Mike Vanderfield

Produced by

Garrett Sergeant

Associate Producer
Karen A. Brown

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Edelman, Media X @ Stanford University, and PR Week 2012 Academic Summit at Stanford

#whilewewatch Director Kevin Breslin presenting at The 2012 Academic Summit at Stanford University

Director Kevin Breslin is honored to have been asked to present at one of the most prestigious global media events. June 20th 2012 Breslin will speak of his experiences filming #whilewewatch, the new media techniques and tools being utilized by the #OccupyWallSt media team at the 2012 Academic Summit at Stanford University near Silicon Valley, Ca.
As video and photo's become available we will be updating!

Nancy Ruscheinski, CIO Edeleman PR  
#whilewewatch Director Kevin Breslin 
Navigating the Future of Communications

On behalf of Edelman, Media X @ Stanford University, and PR Week, we want to welcome you to the 2012 Academic Summit at Stanford, in Palo Alto, California. This year's theme - "When All Media Is Social: Navigating the Future of Communications" - is especially fitting, given our choice to host the summit in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As with our previous Summits, we'll convene academic leaders in the fields of public relations, journalism, business and marketing communications to learn from corporate executives, brand marketers and digital and media thought leaders. Above all, the Academic Summit is a forum for discussion. Participants will gain a wealth of knowledge that can be immediately incorporated into course curricula, and a greater understanding of the skills students need in order to pursue a successful communications career today.

The 2012 Summit - our first on the west coast - promises to be an extraordinary event, with robust content and plenty of special guests and opportunities. You'll hear from the world's leading technology and social media companies, who are fundamentally shaping how information is created, consumed and shared, and transforming entire industries along the way.

We'll share detailed updates about speakers and content in the weeks ahead, and you can also follow our updates on Twitter via #2012AcademicSummit. The 2012 Academic Summit will begin on Wednesday, June 20th at 1pm, and conclude on Friday June 22nd at 1pm. We'll be staying at the Stanford Park Hotel, about a mile from campus.
More -

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#whilewewatch goes global at powered by UStream!

Unprecedented, Digital Live Event:
on Thursday, April 26th 8pm ET/PT 
includes Film Screening on SNAGFilms
Plus Q&A with Director Kevin Breslin
and #OWS Media Featured in the Film
Q&A Powered by UStream. 
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Panel from The Paley Center for Media powered by Ustream! use Embed Links Below!!

#whilewewatch documentary is playing in it's entirety tonight at 8pm ET and again 8PM PT EVERYWHERE!

Panel from The Paley Center for Media from NYC LIVE powered by Ustream 

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#whilewewatch features Tim Pool @Timcast

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#whilewewatch in The Hamptons A Special screening at Guild Hall

#whilewewatch in The Hamptons!

A Special screening at Guild Hall

Red Carpet Film Series: #whilewewatch

Thursday, July 19 / 8pm

Talkback to follow with director Kevin Breslin and special guests!

$22/$20 members

#whilewewatch - Trailer from #whilewewatch on Vimeo.

#whilewewatch – Trailer from #whilewewatch on Vimeo.

#whilewewatch is a gripping look at the media revolution that emerged from Zuccoti Park in New York City to the world. It is the story of how many people came together in the sun and rain, day and night, broke and loaded with energy and hope to get their story out to the world. #OWS has galvanized the world. #whilewewatch is the real inside story of great people who have no fear. They don’t back down from the police, big business or a city government that tried to dismiss them. When regular media paid no attention to this movement they decided to tell the world their story.

#whilewewatch is the real experience of what democracy looks like. We hear it from their voices, pain, energy and honesty.

Directed by:

Kevin Breslin

Produced by:

Mike Vanderfield

Edited by:

Garrett Sergeant

Cinematography by:

Luca Fantini

Thomas Brookins

Conor Byrne

Orlando Gondar

Associate Producer: Karen A. Brown

Thursday, March 1, 2012

#OccupyCafe in Brooklyn at Amarachi Cafe! 
#whilewewatch screening Panel Discussion afterward with Justin Wedes, Priscilla Grim, Jesse LaGreca!!

Thursday night! #OccupyCafe continues in Brooklyn NY at Amarachi Cafe !!!! March 1st -7pm

#whilewewatch screening at Amarachi Cafe in Brooklyn NY - 325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn NY -

Please arrive by 7pm- Film starts at 7:30pm - 

LIVESTREAM too!! Stay tuned we will embed here!
Amarachi #OccupyCafe Facebook Event