Official #whilewewatch film poster

Official #whilewewatch film poster

Monday, December 12, 2011

Note from Director Kevin Breslin:

Zuccotti Park was the most original thing to happen to NYC in a long time. The energy of this city was reduced to restaurant openings and a mayor who cares about bike lanes and parks. I don't see jobs popping up. Especially from a man who boasts of his financial prowess. Bloomberg sure missed the Wall Street financial banking debacle.

I watched the effort of the #OWS media people at Zuccotti. They were swamped trying to get out ideas. I just started following the press, the pr, the writers, the streamers, the editors.

They worked day and night. They called themselves citizen media. They had cheap little cameras. With rigs. They live streamed. They had 3-54 Wi-Fi. They had lap tops running the streams.  All from a park.  Day and night, no money and they got the world to see and hear them. They are media geniuses. They slept on the concrete; they did this during the rain and snow.

They had no fears; they realized they needed cameras as the police became abusive. The pepper spraying. The billy clubs. The raiding of the Zuccotti.

They reported day and night sick and exhausted. Recording history.

 I realized this is Citizen Media.  I knew they had to be filmed. 

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